Clydesdale Education Foundation Purpose:

The Foundation is organized for the purpose of providing cultural, historical, and educational information about the Clydesdale horse to those interested in the future well-being of the Clydesdale Horse in America, encouraging the continuous growth and perpetuation of the Clydesdale Horse and providing gifts, grants, and scholarships to those working for these purposes.



Procedure for Grant Applications:


The Education Foundation Trustees meet and review all applications twice a year. The deadlines are required in order to allow the applications to be circulated prior to the scheduled meetings. These meetings routinely take place in Springfield, Illinois at the Annual Meeting & Sale, and also take place at the Michigan Great Lakes Show in Lansing. You are welcome to attend these meetings to further discuss your application.

Please submit applications by March 15th for May - October events. Please submit applications by September 15th for November - April events



Applicant Responsibilities:


Completed Grant Applications will be reviewed by the Clydesdale Education Foundation Trustees and notification will be sent to applicant in written form of acceptance or denial of grant. If Grant Application is accepted, the applicant must be responsible for the collection and submission of any financial receipts to the Foundation Registered Agent. Upon closure of Grant process, applicant must submit a summary report of event or project to the Clydesdale Education Foundation.



Reimbursement of expenses for grant will be payable after :


1) the conclusion of event or project

2) when the registered agent receives all receipts, or an accounting of all expenditures

related to this grant

3) submission of a summary report to the Clydesdale Education Foundation.



Please submit receipts and summary report promptly! Processing time to issue a reimbursement check is estimated to be 30 days. The Clydesdale Education Foundation Trustees reserve the right to cancel a grant if the above steps are

not completed within 90 days of the conclusion of the event or project.



Please Click on the application for a printable copy

Please remit to:

Clydesdale Education Foundation

Polly Thomas • Secretary/Treasurer

6730 Peters Road

Tipp City, Ohio 45371

937-241-6260 •

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